Christmas Bake Sale!

Christmas bake sale for 2020. 

HOHOHO Merry Christmas! Its has finally come to the season to be jolly and sharing! 

We have created a series of cakes that are ready for the special occasion 


The Christmas Menu!

Chocolate Yule Log Cake


A simple combination of soft chocolate sponge and lightly whipped 54% dark chocolate cream. Classic log cake with a Japanese twist - soft and fluffy sponge! 


White Yule Log Cake


Japanese sponge cake with light whipped cream and fresh strawberries. It is simplicity at its best! The refreshing taste is definitely a twist from the regular Christmas log cake.


Banana Caramel Fruit Tart


Shout-out to sweet tooth lovers!! The bananas are dipped in caramel and the base consist of traditional almond paste, that is baked together with the short crust pastry, gives its rich buttery taste. Caramel whipped cream is added to balance out the sweetness and topped with walnuts and pistachio for an additional crunch.